The Grammy’s

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After intermittently flipping channels between Shameless, Californication and the 54th Annual Grammy Awards show I couldn’t help but wonder when those two little turtles Sophia Grace and Rosie were going to pop onto the screen. But on another note,

I enjoyed that Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys had the exact same hair style

I twitched off and on during Chris Browns performance pretending I was dancing along with him

I laughed at the way Adele’s english ass couldn’t pronounce Thank You and instead said Fank You Fank You

Did anyone notice Chris Browns bulge? In those strapping tight white pants sweet mary and joseph it was the spectacle of the night for me. Shit was popping out like he dun stuffed it.

I hated all the ignoramus females incessantly tweeting about how Chris Brown “shouldn’t have been given such a long time to perform” because he gave Rihanna the beat down too many years ago to even matter. Stupid female supremacists.

Rihanna live = horrific

Chris Brown live = Jizzworthy to the max

Let him dance his nutsack off! That performance was toe-up supreme. In my opinion, the best performance of the night.

Mainly because Adele’s songs and Fank you english accent are more played out than cheese and crackers.

Alas, I love Finnicky Nicki Minaj but Little Red Riding Hood aint barbie bitch, get wid it.

That will be all, thanks for tuning in.

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